Founder Guilt Part 2 - the Martyr Complex

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“Get down off the cross, honey. Someone needs the wood.” - Dolly Parton

Have you ever martyred yourself on the altar of your business?👼

I bet nobody thanked you.

As business owners and founders, we often feel like we need to make all sacrifices to make our business work. 

And sure, sometimes sacrifices need to be made. But problems arise when sacrifice becomes the crux of your leadership style. 

I define this as when you stop saying ‘no’.

Instead, you agree to that conference call at 11pm. Say yes to that client that can only talk during your Sunday morning family time-slot. Say ‘I’ll squeeze you in’ to  your employee who wants a 1-to-1 during your allocated workout time.  

What happens to Founder-Martyrs:

  • Nobody will remember or thank you for your sacrifice, except you.
  • By setting the example of sacrifice, you have already communicated to your team that you expect the same from them. Good luck keeping them for the long-haul.
  • By making sacrifices that you may resent one day, you love working on your business a little less. You may even resent it.

So don’t be a martyr. Stick to your boundaries and do what you would say to your friends if they asked you for advice. Respect the fragility of the love you have for your work and nurture it.

Tag any business martyrs you know below 👇

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