Does your business have the right ‘battle rhythm’?

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Does your business have the right ‘battle rhythm’?

Every business has a number of recurring meetings. These are essential for driving accountability, making decisions and getting things done.

The number and frequency of your meetings is what we call your ‘battle rhythm’. 

Sorry, but there is no cookie-cutter perfect rhythm for every business.

It will also need to change over time, depending on your customers, your competitors and degree of certainty in which your business operates.

The right rhythm for your business

  • Matches the arrival of new, usable data
  • Is quicker than the rhythm of your customers and competitors (gets you inside their ‘OODA Loop’)
  • Doesn’t overwhelm your team

For this reason, I encouraged many of my clients to move from weekly to twice-weekly leadership meetings during the Covid-19 crisis.

If you need help to determine the right battle rhythm for your business, I have a tool to help you. Call me on 07751789859 to learn more.

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