About Breakthrough

We teach you to master EOS, Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), a simple "way of operating" that enables you and your leadership team to deliver more growth and profit from your business, and more balance and freedom in your life.

At Breakthrough, we believe that all businesses can be run better using a single system. A system that will enable your business to run smoothly without you, a self-sustaining 'organism' that runs like a well-oiled machine and allows you to move into a position of true leadership in your business.

We are a small team obsessed by helping ambitious, successful businesses grow faster by giving your leadership team a proven system that already works in over 80k business globally.

We keep inspired by our client’s reactions when they see that a set of simple, timeless tools and concepts can solve what seemed like insurmountable problems.

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Founder, Chief Implementer
I am the Chief Implementer at Breakthrough and I am obsessed with helping business owners build great companies.

Ever since army officer training at Sandhurst, I have been personally obsessed about the theory and science of management and was lucky to learn from some outstanding leaders and organisations.

An economist by training, I spent 7 years in the British Army including two tours of Iraq. I then spent several years as a strategy consultant before helping to rapidly scale a number of fast-growing tech companies, inc. Amazon, Trainline.com, before setting up and running my own businesses.

I came across EOS after being sent a copy of Get a Grip. Reading the book, I was amazed: a framework that creates a sophisticated vision, strategy and plan for a company in 2 slides (instead of the usual 50); a simple way to attract, hire, fire and promote your people as well as create your ideal organisational structure; a way to run leadership meetings without them descending into tangents and arguments; tools that will bring accountability and discipline at all levels of your company...and so much more; in short, a complete yet simple way to create a business that will be better than any of your competitors and give you the life and role that you want.

Within weeks of learning about EOS, I self-implemented the system in my business and turned it into the multi-site, profitable company that I had dreamt of before stepping aside for my management team to run by themselves.

They still use EOS in the business to this day.

I am now a full-time EOS implementer, helping organisations across the UK and abroad take their businesses to the next level.

Drop me a line to see how EOS can help you create a great organisation.

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